Dirty Works Shea You Care Body Butter Review

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As the winters are already here, we have started stocking up on body lotions and butters. Hence I’m reviewing Dirty Works Shea You Care Body Butter.

Dirty Works Shea You Care Body Butter Review

Directions: After showering or bathing, apply a splodge of body butter onto damp or dry skin and massage lightly until absorbed. Allow to dry before dressing.

Dirty Works Shea You Care Body Butter Review


Dirty Works Shea You Care Body Butter Ingredients

Price: Rs 750/- for 300 ml/10.1 fl oz.

Shelf Life: 4 years

Dirty Works Shea You Care Body Butter Review

My Experience with Dirty Works Shea You Care Body Butter:

Packaging: The body butter comes in a sturdy plastic tub with white and peach color scheme. Its a quirky design. The tub has ingredients, directions, etc necessary details. The quantity is 300 ml so the tub  is quite big.

Fragrance: The body butter smells of some oils with slightly floral hints. I am honestly not able to recognize what it smells like. It is not strong but its not completely understated either. I don’t like it but  I don’t hate it also.

It stays for about 25-30 minutes and you can still smell it if you take your hands close to your nose. 😛

Texture: The butter is not heavy. It has medium to light consistency. It takes a little while to absorb. What I don’t like is it leaves a white cast if applied in more quantity.

Dirty Works Shea You Care Body Butter Review

Performance: I got this product just because I wanted to try this brand. I came to know this is a cruelty free brand and is available on Amazon so I had to get it.

After reading the description and all, I was most excited for its fragrance. Well, thats nothing special and I have already discussed that aspect. Coming to the actual product, since the butter is of medium consistency, I was a little apprehensive about its moisturizing properties. But when I used it, I was pleasantly surprised. Despite not being heavy, it moisturized my normal body skin so well. It hides the rough texture of the skin and makes it soft and supple.

I do not find the need to reapply it for the whole day! However, I guess people with very dry skin might want to reapply but they also will be sorted for 6-7 hours atleast. When looked at the ingredients, its a very long list containing a lot of oil and some chemicals.

The price may seem to be on the higher side, but the quantity is also quite huge. So in my opinion, the price is justified. Its a unisex product so the whole family can use it.

Dirty Works Shea You Care Body Butter Swatch

Summing up:

Positive Points of Dirty Works Shea You Care Body Butter:
  • Very Moisturizing
  • Does not feel heavy
  • Easily available online
  • Huge quantity
  • Unisex product
Negative Point of Dirty Works Shea You Care Body Butter:
  • Fragrance is not appealing
  • Might leave a white cast if used in more quantity




Its a decent body butter which does its job perfectly. Worth a try if you are not particular about fragrances.

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