Lass Naturals Foot Care Cream Review

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I will be reviewing Lass Naturals Foot Care Cream today.

Lass Naturals Foot Care Cream

Product Description: A special Ayurveda formula that works for healing and soothing of cracked heels. Also an effective foot moisturiser that maintains the health of your feet by treating dry  and chapped heels. It softens, soothes and protects your skin from getting rough and damaged. Natural herbs extracts works as an emollient and skin freshener.


Lass Naturals Foot Care Cream Ingredients

Price: Rs 135/- for 100 gm/3.53 oz

Shelf Life: 30 Months from the date of manufacture

Lass Naturals Foot Care Cream

My Experience with Lass Naturals Foot Care Cream:

Packaging: The foot cream comes in a convenient baby pink and white tube. It has roses on it and rose water is the first thing listed in the ingredient list.

All the details regarding the product are printed on the tube. The hole for dispensing the product is for perfect size which lets us control the quantity of the cream we want. Overall, its a very practical and travel friendly packaging.

Lass Naturals Foot Care Cream

Fragrance: The cream has a soapy fragrance with hints of rose here and there. I am not a fan of this fragrance but its not a big issue since this is supposed to be used on feet and we hardly get a whiff after applying.

Yes, the hands do smell of the cream for some time but we can wash our hands and it will be gone.

Texture: The foot cream has the perfect texture. It is not runny like lotions nor it is very thick that it becomes difficult to apply. It spreads very easily and gets absorbed within a couple of minutes.

Lass Naturals Foot Care Cream Swatch

Performance: This is one of the most effective foot moisturisers I have used. Initially, I did not like to use it because of its fragrance but then I got over that thing as performance is what matters.

This cream is very moisturizing. It makes my dry feet soft and supple. I don’t find the need to reapply it for good 12-15 hours! But since its winters, I apply it again at night. Regular usage of this cream will surely improve feet’s condition. The cream does not feel uncomfortable or greasy. It won’t stain socks.

The brand claims that it will heal cracked heels. Well I don’t have cracked feet but I think regular and dedicated usage of this cream will help with that to a great extent.

I love the fact that this product is paraben and phthalates free. It is also 100 % Vegetarian and GMP Certified. Moreover, the brand has mentioned complete list of ingredients; which is a good thing.

Looking at the price and quantity, this foot ream is quite affordable.

Lass Naturals Foot Care Cream

Summing Up:

Positive Points of Lass Naturals Foot Care Cream:
  • Very moisturising
  • Does not feel uncomfortable
  • Perfect consistency
  • Does what it claims
  • Practical packaging
  • Affordable
  • Easily available online
  • Paraben and Phthalates Free
  • 100 % Vegetarian and GMP Certified
Negative points of Lass Naturals Foot Care Cream:
  • Initial strong fragrance




This is one affordable cream and I recommend it to everyone.

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