Oilcraft Naturals Panch Pushp Facial Mist Review

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I am very fond of using facial mists for the freshness they provide. I keep on trying various mists and here is the review of Oilcraft Naturals Panch Pushp Facial Mist.

Oilcraft Naturals Panch Pushp Facial Mist

Product Description:  Oilcraft Naturals Panch Pushp Facial Mist is a unique blend of the extracts of 5 flowers which are unique to the Indian sub-continent. This fragrant extract is prepared by steam distillation of each individual flower, which results in a product of unmatched quality and benefits. Each flower contributes its own benefits and properties like Mogra for hydration, Rose for toning, Saffron for healing, Kewra for cooling & softening & Marigold for cleansing. This distillate is an excellent hydration mist for the face as well as the body and doubles up as a unique natural perfume. It works as a toner and moisturizer for the daily skincare routine and also balances the skin’s PH levels. Regular and correct usage of this product reduces age spots, fine lines and enhances general well being.


Steam Distilled Rose Water, Mogra Water, Saffron, Marigold & Kewra Water


Rs. 500/- for 200 ml

Shelf Life:

24 Months from the date of Manufacture

Oilcraft Naturals Panch Pushp Facial Mist Ingredients

My Experience with Oilcraft Naturals Panch Pushp Facial Mist:

Packaging:  Oilcraft Naturals Panch Pushp Facial Mist comes in a long cylindrical plastic bottle with a spray dispenser. It is a transparent bottle so it becomes easier for us to track the quantity remaining. All the required information like the description, ingredients, price, etc are mentioned on the label. The spray mechanism works just fine and sprays a fine mist. Overall, I find the packaging quite fuss free. However, it would be difficult to carry this long 200 ml bottle in a small bag. But you can definitely carry this in your travel bag.

Fragrance: This mist has many layers of fragrance in my opinion. Initially, I found the fragrance quite over powering. But as I used it regularly, I started liking it and now I find it very soothing. As soon as you spray it, you will get to smell Kewra; which is slightly over powering but some people will also find it exotic. That completely depends on your taste. There are very very slight hints of rose so if you are someone who are looking for a rose scented mist, this one is not for you.

Texture: The texture of this mist is very runny; almost like water. Hence, it does not feel sticky or heavy on the face.

Performance: I had seen the Forest Essentials Panch Pushp mist and I wanted to try it but the price was a big deterrent. I did not find it proper to spend so much on a product which I was not sure if I would like or not. I was filled with joy when I found this mist from Oilcraft at a much lesser price. But it was not that easy for me as all the online portals were running out of it. After checking all the sites multiple times a day and asking them to notify me if the product gets in stock again, one fine day one of my friends found in on a site early in the morning. 😛 Yes, that friend knew how I badly wanted this so he would also check the portals everyday. 😀 He placed the order and this is the end of my crazy story of how I chased this and finally got it. 😛

Anyways, coming to the performance, the fragrance proved to be a bit of turn off for me. But still I continued using it as I was not ready to give up on a product for which I ha worked so hard. Lol… I eventually got used to the fragrance and I started liking it. This mist refreshes the face as soon as you spray it. It does feel cooling on the skin. So you may replace this with your rose water for a bit of change. This mist will not prove to be moisturizing for dry or very dry skin, especially in the winters. However, in the hotter months, one can use this for hydrating the face. There is no sticky feel to this. But at the same time, it does not sink into the skin as soon as you spray it. It takes its own time.

This mist does work on the open pores but it obviously does not shrink the pores overnight. You have to be patient to see its performance in that area. Since its an all natural product, it will give slow but concrete results. Atleast this is what I feel.

As far as its claims of being a natural perfume are concerned, I don’t think this can qualify a a perfume as the fragrance hardly stays for around 5 -10 minutes on my face.

Regarding reducing fine lines and age spots, I guess one will have to follow a complete anti-ageing regimen for that. This mild mist alone will not serve that purpose.

Summing Up:

Positive Points of Oilcraft Naturals Panch Pushp Facial Mist:

  • Soothing for the skin
  • Refreshing
  • Helps shrink pores if used regularly
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Easily available online
  • Cruelty Free

Negative Points of Oilcraft Naturals Panch Pushp Facial Mist:

  • Cannot be used as a perfume as claimed by the brand
  • Remains out of stock most of the time
  • Strong initial fragrance

Oilcraft Naturals Panch Pushp Facial Mist




If you are into floral waters and want a change from your usual rose water, you might give this a try.

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