Why The Title “The Aphrodite Angels” And The Face Behind This Blog

Hi everyone,

I thought to shed some light on the reason behind choosing the title “The Aphrodite Angels” as its quite unusual and generally no one would choose a title this complex.

Well, Aphrodite is a Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty and Fertility. And considering that this is a beauty and lifestyle blog; this name seemed quite suitable. Moreover, since this blog will feature only cruelty free products, the aspect `Love` from Aphrodite`s meaning materializes. Now coming to the next part of the title, I chose `Angels` because I think everyone associated with this blog will serve as Aphrodite`s Angels in spreading the message of Beauty and Love. 🙂 I chose `Angels` instead of `Angel`; reason being I am not the only one associated with this, you all are.

Some of you would be thinking what about the `Fertility` aspect from Aphrodite`s meaning? We can say we all can try to be fertile for yielding positivity, love and compassion. 😉

Also, when a long time back I was searching for other meanings of my name Roshni (apart from Light and Illumination of course), I found in some site that Roshni means a woman similar to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. After knowing this, selecting the title “The Aphrodite Angels” was a no brainer for me.

So this was all about the literal and critical evaluation of my blog`s title. 😀

And now, the face behind this blog, i.e. ME.

the title The Aphrodite Angels

Yes thats me. Have a Happy and Safe Diwali everyone. :-*

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